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Presenters information

We are looking for passionate, experienced and committed presenters who feel a calling just as much as we do to help spread the knowledge and experience of healing, embodiment and awakening through sex, love, conscious connecting, intimacy and sensuality relationships and mediation to the broader world. We feel part of a greater vortex helping to transform the world through dearmouring and rising vibration by understanding, embodiment and experience. Ideally you should have experience in presenting and feel your workshops can bring deep transformation to others.


Presenters receive free dorm accomodation and all main meals. 


We are hiring an entire nudity friendly camping ground exclusive for the Festival’s use this year to be able to offer an incredible live – in experience with old and new friends. Nature is bountiful and beautiful there only 20 mins south of Byron Bay you can truly relax and enjoy a selection of incredible workshops, night events and all day massage and cuddle facilities.

We want to promote you, support you in any way we can, make sure your session work and workshops or merchandise gets exposure to our approx. 300 participants and thousands of media followers. Love, joy and playfulness, we are looking forward to have you be part of our Taste of Love Presenters group. What we need from you is an application form and media images attached to the form.

The selection of presenters is complex this is why we need your application in time latest by September 25th. Late applications cannot be accepted. You will hear from us mid November about your application process.

Be a part of the Journey!

Some examples of topics of interest:

  • Vibrational Healing  Archetypes of Connection and Arousal
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Body Dearmouring
  • Anatomy of Arousal
  • Ejaculation Control
  • Lasting Relationships
  • Better, Longer & More Sex
  • The Art of Touch and Intimacy
  • Shamanic Journeys
  • Liberating Breath of Life
  • Liberating Breath of Life 
  • Archetypes of Connection and Arousal
  • Whole Body Orgasm
  • Shadow Tantra
  • Tantra/Sex as a Parctice of Awakening
  • Relationship Skills
  • Opening the Heart 
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Yoni/Lingam and Sensual Massage
  • Oneness Expereinces

We have 30 spaces in the schedule at the Taste of Love Festival 2021 for workshops (experiential, interactive & information) of now longer duration due to big demand of either 2 hours or 2.5 hours, plus an opening ceremony, a closing ceremony and 2 evening events for all festival participants. You have the option to apply for either 1 or 2 presentation spots subject to availability but we ask all presenters to supply two session descriptions altogether. Musicians, artists and ceremonial leaders welcome to co-create and play together.

We are honoured to invite you, a high quality and experienced presenters to this event to share with us their knowledge and transmission in the area of consciousness, relating, tantra, shadow tantra/kink, movement, meditation, music and sexuality.

We want to help promote your work, your seminars and workshops through this forum aimed to inform people, transform people and create community and meet old friends again. It’s a way for people to travel deep on one weekend and get information what’s out there, where they can continue on their journey in one on one sessions, further workshops or online courses.

All presenters need to fill out an application form and submit it by September 25th. You need be in resonance with the values and code of ethics of the Taste of Love Festival as well as model of inclusivity for cultural and gender identities.

All applications welcome, spots can’t be guaranteed, you will receive confirmation of your application by mid November. 

What you offer

  • up to 4 presentations of 2 – 2.5 hrs duration
  • participation in most of the festivals events
  • punctual arrival at your workshop and your introduction session
  • your wisdom and loving service to the festival
  • availability on msg, txt or mobile phone during the event and email prior
  • an application form submitted by 25th of September with attached images and multimedia if available
  • help in spreading the word about the festival via social media, flyers, posters and email promotion
  • active help on our FB page to engage and promote
  • You need to schedule your availability from March 12th 11am until March 17th 11am.

What you get

  • to be part of shaping a magical, powerful event helping to change the world by choosing to present up to 4 workshops and some other tasks possibly between 2 hrs in length (please note we aim to be inclusive and gender fluid, however workshops aimed at a certain gender anatomy are invited and a certain gender anatomy can be the prerequisite for your workshop should the anatomy be of relevance to your content)
  • to be promoted on our website with your personal details, upcoming events, private practice
  • to promote your work and workshops at the festival (please refrain from creating a workshop that only serves to promote your next workshop, advertise at the end sensitively your work and upcoming events)
  • a full 5 day weekend ticket
  • a full meal package for yourself at the festival
  • dorm bed or self camping accommodation included (can be upgraded against a surcharge) 
  • space to hang up posters and display flyers of your work and upcoming events at the Taste of Love Festival
  • we can sell your merchandise
  • an incredible experience of community, growth, friendship, ecstasy, celebration and freedom

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