Camille Sherer

Healing Harmony Musician

“I believe in everyome’s right for feeling good and their body and deepening their connections through healthy sexuality”


Kansai Therapeutic and Detoxifying Massage

Karsai is a therapeutic and detoxifying massage to improve genital health, help heal sexual truama, and dysfunction.

Karsai clears blockages in the lymph system, testicles, scrotum, prostate, labia, vagina, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes etc.

The Karsai process goes beyond the physical, and can often be an orgasmic and spiritually liberating experience.
Karsai clears blockages in the gut, opening physical and energetric gates to clearing and detangling stress in the reproductive organs and psyche.

Karsai massage treatments are not sexual interactions between the client and therapist but Karsai can allow sexual energy to flow more freely through the client’s body, thus allowing for a mysterious and fulfilling experience of one’s body and mind connecting deeply to the light of one’s soul.

Once the massage treatment has finished and the client continues to work on their sexual health, their sexual and erotic pleasure alone or in consensual interactions can be enhanced.

Christine will guide you in an extremely safe and professional manner so you can relax into the experience and indulge in the freedom to just be.

Chrisine is professional massage therapists, Christine specializing in Karsai massage.

Christine believes the first way to a healthy body is a healthy lifestyle

Detox is Christine’s passion
Christine practice at home and mobile massage

Divine Sanctuary in Lismore
Sauna Spa massage available upon request in Lismore

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