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Taste of Love Tantra Training
Jan 18-24 – Almost full!

Taste of Love Tantra Festival & Training
March 18-28

Taste of Love Tantra Retreat 
March 22-28

Rewilding your sex and soul through the sacred gateway of the heart. Trust and vulnerability are at the core of every great being, that’s fully self expressed, walking free in this world.

Celebrate the healing and sexual empowerment with us, genuine connection and friendship.

A transformative soul journey into somatic processing, expressing, healing and feeling erotically alive.

Taste of Love Day Workshop
July 17

ISTA Level 1 Training 2021

Conscious Sensuality Temple Night
July 17

A day of tantric and therapeutic processes to bring back and expand connection and trust, inviting pleasure, trust and joy into life

This powerful 7 day training is a training for life and love and is for EVERYONE, take your personal empowerment to another level.

Join our temple night for a playful evening full of laughter, sensory exercises, food delights, exploring yourself and through the other.

Shamanic Womb Journey
Women Retreat 
Nov 21

Taste of Love Temple Night & Day Workshop Combo

A deep dive into the feminine mysteries, You will activate the power of your womb and discover how to open into the feminine hearts rapture.

The focus will really be gratitude for the wonderful conscious community we have here, our friends and cuddle buddies that touch our hearts along the way and release all this oxytocin to nurture us.

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